Week 12 – my enquiring mind

Well.. What a journey.

Can you believe that when I chose this unit and read the unit title I assumed that learning spaces referred only to the physical design and set up of a classroom!? I don’t think I could have been less informed!

The mind map I have uploaded features just some of the learning that has occurred for me across this unit.

• Learning spaces: As mentioned I clearly had a lot to learn about the variety and depth of learning spaces available to the 21st century learner. I believe it it our responsibility to find learning spaces and styles that work for each and every one of our students. And, equally importantly, for ourselves! My personal learning in this space has obviously come leaps and bounds since the beginning of this unit.

• E-space: Having worked with Adam in an online unit before I was familiar with the potential of this space. However, never did I dream I would be able to create and interactive, engaged and thought-provoking blog which I believe I have been able to produce (If I do say so myself!). 21st century learners NEED their educators to be able to use technology to their greatest advanatage. I believe we are doing a great disservice to our students if we are not confident in utilising technology authentically within the classroom

• TWB: While everyone always tells you and in your conscious mind you know that teachers have the potential to make change. Yet having investigated the TWB initiative of girls’ education and delved into research of some of the amazing things teachers are doing while facing incredible hardships, I have come to realise that this profession has the potential to make the impossible, possible! Wether that be teaching a reluctant child to learn to love reading or wether that be effectively changing the lives of  a number of mixed age refugee students through the power of education. The possibilities are endless.

Having an enquring mind has brought me to these conclusions and helped me to develop the blog that I am incredibly proud of. I believe this blog/PLN will be something I can continue to use throughout my career as a platform to engage with like-minded educators.

Thank you Adam and Kayri for your incredible hard work. Another fantastic unit that I will be raving about to all who will listen!

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