Hello and welcome to my humble blog!

My name is Miranda and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Here you will find the ramblings of an early childhood and primary trained teacher.

I also have a strong passion for alternative education – Montessori, Reggio and Steiner in particular. Being a Montessori student myself I was innately interested in this stream of education when I started my teacher education. I have since worked in both Montessori and Steiner education and continue to admire the benefits alternative streams of education can have for our students.

I have just added a really fun new section to my blog! It’s called ‘The Daily Pocket of a Kindergarten Teacher’ – there I will be posting a picture a day (on all my teaching days) of the contents of my pockets. It’s a pretty fun new style of blogging that I’m trying out so go ahead and check it out!