What does this learning space look like?

While the key focus of this learning space is the mentorship program detailed in this post, this program will be rooted in a larger learning space which incorporates development of personal learning, authentically embedded beyond the classroom learning and significant learning taking place within the group environment.

Schools wishing to incorporate this program may run a holistic education program that could look something like this:

Mindmap created with SimpleMind+

Females in Nigeria have suffered though many years of fear, oppression and being regarded as a lower social status than their male counterparts. Their right to an education has been stripped from them by extremist groups such as Boko Haram, with the more than 100 school girls still missing in Northeast Nigeria serving as a reminder of constant control and oppression.

The future learning space I design for the girls of Nigeria aims to prove to them that they are valuable members of society, who do not deserve to be discriminated against based on their gender. I want to build on their own personal learning spaces and promote the idea that receiving and education not only improves their lives dramatically, but it also benefits their families, communities, the economy, and the wider world. I want these girls to feel empowered to bridge the liminal space and spread this message among their communities. Moreover, I want these girls to feel they are supported in a group learning environment, where the strength of female empowerment is behind them , cheering them on, to achieve their dreams.

Below are some points of evidence for investing in girls’ education from the Malala Fund website. I would hope to educate my students on all of these facts.


Malala Fund. (n.d.). Evidence for investing in girls’ education. Retrieved from: https://www.malala.org/girls-education


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