What does this learning space have to offer?

For many years females in Nigeria have lived in fear merely because they wish to receive an education. This learning space will most importantly offer girls and women a safe space to learn and grow, both independently and from each other – incorporating the collaborative learning space at every step of the way.

This space can offer

  • A safe space
  • A source of knowledge
  • Inspiration
  • A sense of pride
  • Hope for the future
  • A purpose
  • A platform for empowerment
  • A space to share knowledge and learn from others
  • A sense of belonging


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What does this learning space look like?

While the key focus of this learning space is the mentorship program detailed in this post, this program will be rooted in a larger learning space which incorporates development of personal learning, authentically embedded beyond the classroom learning and significant learning taking place within the group environment.

Schools wishing to incorporate this program may run a holistic education program that could look something like this:

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Mission and vision statements for Girls’ education in Nigeria

The Mission:

This Future Learning Space (FLS) is committed to empowering girls and women to view themselves as powerful, deserving, intellectual and aspirational figures within their communities and throughout the country.

The Vision:

Through educational programs that actively engage role models, this FLS will empower girls and women to enact change within their communities. Once a shift occurs within the personal learning space, individuals will be equipped to inspire debate about the importance of girls’ education. Advocates will emphasise a bright future and argue that promoting girls education is beneficial for the entire country.